Handmade Fused Glass, Ceramics & Photography.

Photographed Greeting Cards, Wall Prints/Artwork, Fused Glass, & Ceramic products. Handmade in Cornwall & all with Free UK delivery.

Handcrafted in Cornwall

Every item made has been handcrafted using a variety of techniques including hand-rolled/slab build, thrown on the pottery wheel, hand-cut glass, fusing-glass powders, vitrigraph pulling, or enamel painting. Photographed greeting cards are taken by David Perry (Perchance Photography).


A mixture of hand-rolled and wheel-thrown pottery, mugs and pots.

Fused Glass

Variety of coasters, dishes, candle holders, bowls, vases, decorations, chequered items and chessboards.

Photography Greeting Cards

Landscape, seascape, and wildlife photography greeting cards.

Photography Wall Prints

Photography prints on different media ready to hang on your wall.