Custom Ceramic Orders

I am still learning my way around working with clay and that it can take several weeks to create a new piece from start to finish. So to avoid putting too much pressure on myself, I’m currently not able to make any custom orders unfortunately. I tend to make items over several months and then list those for sale on the website when they are ready.

Custom Glass Orders

Generally I’m not able to take on an individual custom order for a new design from scratch. However I am usually very flexible in being able to change a design that already exists, maybe the size/shape needs to be bigger/smaller or the colours changing to something not listed or that is in stock.

Custom Text/Graphics on glassware

Using special printable photo fusing decal paper, we are able to add custom text, wording, date, name or even a logo/graphics onto your glassware in a sepia colour (unfortunately black or other colours are not possible in this process).

These decal sheets can only go through the printer once, so there is a minimum cost to have your text/graphic added if for just one/two items, but perfect for special occasions like wedding gifts or an office thank you present to staff where several items are made at the same time.

The text/graphic is printed from a LaserJet printer than is only able to print in black. Once printed, the sheet is cut up around your custom text/graphic, dipped in water and then added in-between the 2 layers of glass (just like a decal transfer). When the glass is fused in the kiln to 800c the black print burn off and turns the text/graphic into a slightly faded sepia colour (see photo examples below) leaving the remaining iron oxide showing from the printer toner. This seems to work best for bold wording or solid logos otherwise they may not show up well enough.

Fused Glass Wedding Favours

Custom wording and the wedding date was added to these Bridesmaid favours so they could be seen on the underside.

Please contact us for more information/pricing using the contact page or via our social media links.