“Seconds” White/Black Coasters x4 – Oceanside (please read full description)

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White/Black Coasters Set of 4 in fused glass – Oceanside

Size: 10cm x 10cm

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Soft White & Black Fused Glass Chequered Coasters x4

Price is for a set of 4 x Coasters (which there are 6 sets available while stocks last)

Why is this reduced price? This is a “seconds” item, which is considered to have small imperfections – in order to stop the glass squares from moving while adding the top layer of glass, I had used specific low tack glue that normally burns off without residue. However, it seems this was not the case for this kiln full of coasters. As such you can see small dots on the black squares where the glue partly burnt off but left a little residue mark in between the glass layers (please see circle photos).

These have been handmade in my workshop in Cornwall UK.

These coasters have been made with white/black hand cut glass squares and are arranged neatly into a chequered pattern with a layer of clear glass on top (creating the soft whiteness) and fused together in the kiln to 800°c.

What is different?
Oceanside Glass coasters will have coloured squares on the base, capped with clear glass on the top.

Fused Glass usually consists of 2 flat layers of 3mm glass (one layer being coloured and the other being clear). Having the layer of clear glass on top, makes the surface completely food safe, adds a little depth to see the coloured glass, but does sometimes cause some natural tiny, small air bubbles to form which I think adds to the effect of being handmade (see the product photo for an example).

The colours available will be different shades to the original glass brand I use (called Bullseye), you may notice that the white shade is softer to the eye.

If I already have some of your chequered glass; how do I know if it was made with Bullseye or Oceanside glass?
If the item was made before 2024 it will be Bullseye glass.

You can also look on the bottom of your item, if it has a little depth and some tiny air bubbles, it has been made with Bullseye glass.

If in doubt, get in touch.

Can I mix the Bullseye and Oceanside glass colours?
The short answer is no, these are two different types of glass and cannot be fused together, it will cause the glass to crack.

More Info:

  • Size: 100mm (long) x 100mm (wide) and 6mm thick
  • Squares: 20mm wide
  • Weight: 150 grams each
  • Not suitable for the oven or microwave
  • Handwashing recommended

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 102 × 102 × 20 mm
David Perry Glass & Ceramics