35cm Wavy Round Bowl – Almond/Dark Brown


Handmade Fused Glass Wavy Chequered Bowl

Size: 35cm

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Fused Glass Crumpled Look Chequered Bowl – Almond & Woodland Dark Brown

Price is for 1 x Wavy Bowl – the item you will receive will be the same one as in the photo.

Handcrafted in my workshop in Cornwall, UK, these are perfect for presenting table food.

These serving bowls have been made with alternating hand cut glass squares and arranged neatly into a chequered pattern with a layer of clear glass underneath and fused together flat in the kiln to just over 800°c. The flat glass is then placed onto a wavy mould and kiln fired once more to let the heat and gravity slowly drape the glass over the mould – due to the mould shape and glass thickness, each bowl shape will be unique as it is up to the piece to decide where and how much each curve and fold will happen.

Due to the nature of how the glossy side of the glass is face down and draped over the mould, some stretch marks do occur in the folds of the curves and the inside bottom ring which shows as hazy lines from the mould texture.

More Info:

  • Size Width: 280mm (shortest) to 350mm (widest)
  • Size Height: 30mm (lowest) & 90mm (tallest) & 6mm (thick)
  • Inside Base: Flat round bottom approx. 70mm
  • Outside Base: Flat round 70mm bottom
  • Squares: 30mm
  • Weight: 1200 grams
  • Suitable as a food or snack serving dish/bowl
  • Not suitable for the oven or microwave
  • Handwashing recommended

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 360 × 360 × 100 mm