“Seconds” 35cm Wavy Round Bowl – Green Mix


Handmade Fused Glass Wavy Chequered Bowl

Size: 35cm

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“Seconds” Fused Glass Crumpled Look Chequered Bowl – Green Light & Dark Mix

Price is for 1 x Wavy Bowl – the item you will receive will be the one photographed.

Why is this reduced price? This is a “seconds” item, which is considered to have small imperfections. This stunning piece was created using a new mould (only the second one made so far); the glass has to be placed glossy side down and then it drapes over the mould to create the shape. However, it seems the glass twisted a little as it was draping causing the surface in some of the folds to have a slight lip which you can feel (see photo). Some stretchmarks are inevitable in the creases/folds as the glass stretches and bends – but the slight lip was not anticipated.

The colour is a mix of the light and dark sections of the streaky green (Mint Green/Deep Forest Green) glass sheets. The squares are separated into lighter mint green sections and the dark forest sections.

Handcrafted in my workshop in Cornwall, UK, these are perfect for presenting a centrepiece to a meal.

These serving bowls have been made with alternating hand cut glass squares and arranged neatly into a chequered pattern with a layer of clear glass underneath and fused together flat in the kiln to just over 800°c. The flat glass is then placed onto a wavy mould and kiln fired once more to let the heat and gravity slowly drape the glass over the mould – due to the mould shape and glass thickness, each bowl shape will be unique as it is up to the piece to decide where and how much each curve and fold will happen.

More Info:

  • Size Width: 280mm (shortest) to 350mm (widest)
  • Size Height: 30mm (lowest) & 90mm (tallest) & 6mm thick
  • Inside Base: Flat round bottom approx. 70mm
  • Outside Base: Flat round 70mm bottom with several bumpons to protect your surface
  • Squares: 30mm
  • Weight: 1200 grams
  • Suitable as a food or snack serving dish/bowl
  • Not suitable for the oven or microwave
  • Handwashing recommended

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 360 × 360 × 100 mm