33x15cm Quilted X-Large Chequered Platter


Fused Glass Multi-Coloured Chequered X-Large Serving Platter

Size: 33cm x 15cm

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Fused Glass Multi-Coloured Chequered Serving Platter

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Handcrafted in my workshop in Cornwall, UK, these are perfect for keeping your jewellery/earrings, spare change, knick-knacks, car keys, several candles, snacks or even cosmetics etc inside. The inside bottom is flat so things like candles can be placed on them so they stay level.

These platters have been made with alternating hand cut glass squares and arranged neatly into a chequered pattern with a layer of clear glass on top and fused together flat in the kiln to just over 800°c. The glass is then placed back into the kiln and slumped into a platter shape making it beautiful and eye catching.

Having the layer of clear glass on top, makes the inside smooth, glossy and completely food safe, but does cause some natural small air bubbles to form which I think adds to the affect of being handmade. Please see the product photo for an example. If however you only want to use these for decoration only (not for food usage), then I can make these with the clear glass on the bottom so no bubbles are visible – just drop me a message.

More Info:

  • Size: 330mm (long) x 150mm (wide) x 25mm (high) x 6mm thick
  • Also available in other sizes (see separate listings)
  • Inside flat base size is approx. 230mm x 70mm
  • Squares: 30mm
  • Weight: 800 grams
  • Suitable for food usage
  • Not suitable for the oven or microwave
  • Handwashing recommended

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 320 × 140 × 27 mm